Trend of  using Alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer and surprising benefits

Appearance of the water on top of the water market which good for health – Atica alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer has drive customers crazy with it’s surprising benefits. Do you know about this information?

Trend of  using Alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer and surprising benefits

Responding to global consumers’ preference for healthy water, manufacturers now produce water that not only meets quality standards but also supports the prevention of disease.

What is Alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer?

Alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer is the source of water generated by the two-fold exclusive electrolyte Maxell Japan technology. This water includes the advantages of alkaline water ionizer and upgraded by high active hydrogen (OH-, H2 content at pH <10, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, ..).

Proven benefits of Alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer


  1. Supports detoxification process

Alkaline water ionizer has the function of eliminating toxins, which are composed of tiny molecules of hydrogen, rapidly penetrating the cell. When you eat too much high in fat, protein, etc., you will feel heartburn, drinking alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer daily alkaline water will help you improve this problem.

  1. Losing weight effectively

Alkaline water ionizer is useful for people who are dieting, losing weight, and balance the amount of acid in the body. Accordingly, people who drink Alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer do not need to create fat cells to neutralize acid


  1. Prevent cancer

Research has shown that cancer cells can not live in neutral or alkaline environments, they live in acidic environments. The pH balance in the body is an important factor in preventing this disease.

  1. Preventing Diabetes Mellitus

Dr. Theodore Baroody has researched a study on the relationship between blood sugar and Alkaline water ionizer. In his book, “Water or Death,” he writes: “The pancreas regulates blood sugar, which gives energy to the body. So, in order to balance the blood in the body, it need to maintain an alkaline diet. ”

  1. Prevent the aging process

Research by Professor Shirahata’s group (Kyushu University, Japan) has shown that hydrogen acts as an antioxidant in the body against free radicals.

This research has made the selection of alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer that helps the body prevent many diseases, especially anti-free radicals and  anti-aging.

  1. Supportive treatment of cardiovascular disease

Free radicals are agents that cause cellular disorders and lead to disease. Alkaline water ionizer help reduce cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar levels, fight plaque on vessels, help blood circulation and transport more easily.

Due to its small molecular structure, water molecules are easily absorbed into the cells, help blood to circulate, providing stable blood pressure. Therefore, it plays an important role in supporting patients with cardiovascular disease.

  1. Fight osteoporosis

Highly calcium in Atica with calcium ion structure – Aragonite acts to enhance the calcium content, minerals for the body. Highly alkaline Atica water help the body balance the pH of the body without calcium from the bones.

  1. Detoxification body

Atica which composed of microscopic hydrogen molecules, works to detoxify the body. When you eat too much fat, protein, .. this is the most effective way to detoxify the body.

  1. Helps Colon healthy

Osmosis function of Alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer helps to stimulate the excretion of the intestine, the healthy colon, and the smoothing of the colon. In addition, the neutralize acid ability in the body of Alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer helps to neutralize the amount of acid for working of the colon be done well every day.

  1. Stable blood sugar

High activity of Atica helps to protect cells in the body from free radicals, regulates blood sugar levels in the body. Fast absorption of Atica makes water to penetrate the cell rapidly and eliminate excess substances in the blood quickly.

  1. Limit the side effects of radiation therapy

In a study in 2011, Dr. Nakao’s team examined 49 liver cancer patients treated for radiation ưhich often increases fatigue and negatively affects life. Participants who drank about 2 liters of alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer a day for six weeks showed low levels of oxidation in the blood (by-products of cell damage caused by free radicals) and feel healthier than those who drink tap water only.

  1. Reduce the atherosclerosis risk

Researches in animals have shown that drinking alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer may reduce the risk of atherosclerosis. alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer has the potential to prevent the depression during learning and work, slowing down the progression of Parkinson’s disease, and much more benefits has been tested by experts and consumers.

We can not see the water in our body, but they are feeding us every day. Therefore, you should choose the right healthy water right now. The use of alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer is the answer to why the Japanese are the world’s longevity.




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