The alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer – Atica is safe for the user

The alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer – Atica made by Maxell Group and Minh Anh Water is the main distributor. Atica is not only beneficial for health but also very safe for the user.

User Safety – Atica’s Top Criteria

Today, on the market there are many alkaline ionized water originated from many countries around the world. However, not all products use modern technology and ensure the safety of users. The consumers will wonder if there is a kind of alkaline ionized water which use technology that improves the dissolved hydrogen concentration at pH about 9.5? In this case, Atica will give consumers the “perfect answer”.

atica in home

The pH level is allowed

The pH level is allowed to keep safe for the consumer, peace of mind during use, the pH level is always below 10. Consumers pay attention, pH over 10 was warned to be dangerous and can not drink.

For families include children and elderly people who mistaken easily, then using Atica is very safe because it has the best ability to control pH increased.

Atica is capable of adjusting pH according to the water flow through the machine. This is a clever feature that helps Atica keep the pH below 10 during using process. When the water flow is low, the longer the water stays in the electrolyte chamber, the more OH-generated. This can lead the pH excessive increase.

Atica has automatic shut-off when water flow is less than 1 litre / minute. This feature of Atica helps to ensure the pH index is stable, not exceeding the safety threshold for users. When the water flow is less than 1 litre / minute, the Atica electrodes will not work and the screen will blink to indicate.

Automatically take water to the nearest safe pH level

The user safety is also showed in the way Atica can automatically switch to the nearest drinking water mode. When taking water at pH 5.5 (water is acidic, can not drink) The alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer – Atica will produce the signal BIP continuously. When disconnecting in this mode, and the machine is turned back on, the default mode is switched to the nearest drinking water mode. As a result, users will never be mistaken for acidic water.

Atica – The alkaline water ionizer with hydrogen enrichment technology

Atica, with hydrogen enrichment technology (patent), not only increases the dissolved hydroxide concentration (about 550 ppb) by 1.5-2 times of conventional technology, but It also reduces the rate of wastewater down to 5%(*). Boosting the hydrogen concentration brings out the benefits of health.


The alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer, which has  the ability to neutralize acid in the body and prevent the cells that cause disease, becomes a powerful aid in protecting people from gastrointestinal, renal, cancer, and other diseases. At present, Atica is the most abundant hydrogen ion-producing ion generator.

(*)Depend on water quality

The alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer – Atica made by Japan’s Maxell Corporation integrates many features and meets the needs of protecting consumers’ health, prevent diseases and safe in the process of using.



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