How much dissolved hydrogen concentration of Alkaline water ionizer needed to meet the standards?

One of the most important factors in choosing an alkaline water ionizer is the hydrogen dissolved in the water. So how much dissolved hydrogen concentration of Alkaline water ionizer needed to meet the standards?

How is the hydrogen generated from the alkaline water ionizer?

In the process of producing alkaline ionized water, water molecules are electrolyzed at the cathode. After transforming into hydroxide ion, pH is alkalined, the molecule Hydrogen is created. The bubbles which hang in the water and stick in cups are hydrogen and hydrogen nanofibers.

Because the hydrogen molecule is very light, it will immediately escape from the water. In fact, the hydrogen concentrations in water method showed that the concentration of hydrogen decreased (about 40% within 5 minutes and completely disappeared after removal from the electrolysis chamber for 180 minutes).

Alkaline hydrogen rich water ionizer

How much dissolved hydrogen concentration of Alkaline water ionizer to meet the standards?

Dissolved hydrogen in alkaline ionized water is proven to bring many health benefits. Thus, the alkaline water ionizer which can produce water with high amount of dissoloved hydrogen is always the first element of consumers. Maxell of Japan has exclusively used water chanel design technology(twice electrolyte technology) to create alkaline ionized water with the highest dissoloved hydrogen concentration.


Alkaline water ionizers with dissoloved hydrogen concentrations above 300ppb are , according to published studies by scientists from Japan’s alkaline ionized water association.

The difference of Atica Japan from others is that it has a hydrogen concentration over 500 at acceptable pH levels(portable water).

Nowadays many manufacturers of alkaline water ionizer in the world always have the desire to produce high levels of dissolove hydrogen in alkaline ionized water, but it is impossible because with normal technology, when you increase the number of electrode of square of surface of electrode of alkaline water ionizer to increase the dissolved hydrogen, the pH will increase at the same time. But Atica solved this problem. Therefore, Atica receive the widespread trust of consumers around the world to protect their health every day.

The fact is: You are always afraid of disease. But you do not know how to protect your health. Don’t have your cloak to make when it begins to rain.

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