Founded in 1961, Hitachi Maxell (now named Maxell limited Comany) is one of leading technology groups in Japan. The company, owning eight proprietary technologies and being well known for high quality B2B and B2C products, has been affirmed their brand for nearly 60 years in the world.

Besides main products such as Automotive and Home Life Infrastructure, Health & Beauty Care is one of top three key products of Hitachi Maxell. Base on high technology, Hitachi Maxell has launched the patented featured products which are  evaluated as new world leading solutions for beauty and health care.

Hitachi Maxell is a global group having established representative offices in every continent.

Hitachi Maxell’s cutting-edge technologies

With a development history of nearly 60 years, Hitachi Maxell is a group owning eight proprietary technologies that make up Hitachi’s successes.

AticaAn Integration of Hitachi Maxell’s cutting-edge technologies

With eight proprietary technologies and thirty-year experience in producing alkalined water generators, Hitachi Maxell has researched, designed and applied the latest generation of alkalined water generators – named Atica – A water ionizer can raise dissolved hydrogen level to the highest value at pH ~ 9.5.

World leading electrolysis technology – high efficiency electrodes

Atica product has assembled with high technology electrodes

Atica is the only product which is integrated with hydrogen enrichment technology patented in Japan

These advantages make Atica become a world leading branch of alkalined water generators in the market, bringing great benefits to users.

In addition to the hydrogen-enrichment technology, Atica is installed with specific filter that is not only suitable for water treatment in Vietnam but also changes the structure of calcium into Aragonite crystal to help our body to absorb calcium easily (faster than 8 times comparing to normal structure of calcium). This aspect brings a great benefit to users’ health.